Silent Sound (EP)

by Dropeners

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released November 29, 2010

Vasilis Tsavdaridis: voice, guitar, piano, synth.
Daniele Piovan: guitar.
Davide Piovan: bass, programming.
Francesco Corso: drums.

Written, recorded and produced by Dropeners.
Lyrics by Vasilis Tsavdaridis
Mixed and mastered by Samboela
Photo by Luca Maruffa (

2010 © Ferrara, Italy



all rights reserved


Dropeners Ferrara, Italy

Dropeners, are an alternative-rock band based in Ferrara, Italy. The band consists of founding members Vasilis Tsavdaridis (voice, guitar, synthesizer, programming) and Francesco Corso (drums, percussion) and also Francesco Mari (guitar, percussion, theremin, trumpet) and Enrico Scavo (bass), who joined the band in late 2011 after the departure of Daniele Piovan (guitar) and Davide Piovan (bass). ... more

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Track Name: Silent Sound
Silent Sound

You scream a silent sound
everyday you look around

Shining eyes with no sun
that's their desire like the view of a gun

Silent sound
for every thought bullets in your mouth
Silent sound
for every glance that reflects from the ground
Silent sound
for every rain that has no cloud
Silent sound
everyday you look around

The silence that you lived is gone
The moment that you need will come
Track Name: This Song
This Song

This song can breathe
and is moving inside me

It's talking to my soul
showing me what's right and wrong

If you trust a song
you can walk on a tightrope

No lies; a fearless trip
Music gives me some words to speak

So let's all get out
and this song will speak
So let's all get out
keep this hope and join the trip
Track Name: Ignite The Sun
Ignite The Sun

Taking some pictures I see what a human can't hide
Many burnt trees and an innocent fish asking why?
Still paying for all the mistakes that a hand can't deny
Horrible sleep, I feel sad, but I see there's a light

In your eyes I will find it
In your mind I'll be there
For the sun that is hiding
For the life that will come

(a hopeless night; I think it's coming)

the sky is empty
and the air is full of dust

you are getting crazy
you don't see what we've done

In your eyes i will find it
In your mind i ll be there
For the sun that is hiding
For the life that will come
Track Name: Beautiful Mistake
Beautiful Mistake

Love your trouble next to
this mistaken choice
Don't repent and have no doubt
You lost a chance
You've not failed

No solution
means there is nothing to think

Life like a perfect dream
Stars with no sky to fit