In The Middle

by Dropeners

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released February 28, 2014

Vasilis Tsavdaridis: voice, guitar, synthesizer, programming
Francesco Mari: guitar, percussion, theremin, trumpet
Enrico Scavo: bass
Francesco Corso: drums, percussion

Music by Dropeners
Lyrics by Vasilis Tsavdaridis except track 6
Produced by Dropeners
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Samboela
Photo by Alfred Agostinelli (
Designed by Roberto Redondi

Additional musicians:
Sara Ardizzoni - voice on track 1
Mattia Dalla Pozza - alto sax and tenor sax on track 6
Letizia Mantovani - horn on track 1
Marco Polesinanti - tenor sax on track 9
Eugenio Tiano - bass trombone and tenor trombone on track 1
Filippo Vignato - tenor trombone on track 6

Supporters: Costello’s booking & management, Collettivo MI_lab

Ferrara, Italy




Dropeners Ferrara, Italy

Dropeners, are an alternative-rock band based in Ferrara, Italy. The band consists of founding members Vasilis Tsavdaridis (voice, guitar, synthesizer, programming) and Francesco Corso (drums, percussion) and also Francesco Mari (guitar, percussion, theremin, trumpet) and Enrico Scavo (bass), who joined the band in late 2011 after the departure of Daniele Piovan (guitar) and Davide Piovan (bass). ... more

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Track Name: Rule Of Pressure
Rule Of Pressure

I' m waiting to inhale
I' m feeding with old smells

I' m growing before myself
My time is not your glory man

Please let me have a think of how is learning like
I have to find on me the side you used to hide

Please let me have a think of what you keep inside
The streets became a limb around a neck that swallows fast

I won't follow the wind cause I'm blowing
I won't leave
Track Name: You Don't Know
You Don't Know

You don't know what's in a mind
You don't care to save my life

Now your enemy is a child
To see the future just look behind
Your steps are less than your trail lines

You don't know if I want what you kill
You don't know if I feel all this fear
You don't know what is good or bad for me
You don't know but you decide and I just speak

You don't know that I'll never take your risk
You don't know that the money can't bleed
You don't know what is good or bad for me
You don't know but you decide and I just speak
You don't know but you decide and I just sing
Track Name: Normalize

Get up when you feel afraid
Don't neglect me when I'm safe

Help me when you face the pain
Where it comes from miles away

When you walk I should run
When your love makes me laugh
When you smile I collapse
Your first time, my last one

I'll be honest like the hate
This is jungle
Not a lake

Don't try to find out who's to blame
Pay attention to what you're saying

Please don't go, some shadows are white
Please don't give up and give me a shine
Track Name: Lead Your Light
Lead Your Light

What if you're rich where there's no price
What makes you rule your secret sign
What is the place you've deep inside
When your soul can lead your eyes

What if your day can meet your night
What if you sleep awake but blind
What if you are ready to decide
Where to put the morning light

Not a gift, not a damaged time
You are warm 'cos you live inside
Take a breath, flow away and try
Where the day can meet the night

There's no need to escape from it
No doors in your veins

There's no need to find the key
'Cos you are not in chains

Where the day meets the night
Track Name: Distance

Distance is crime
Drugs can't decide what's wrong

Try to exile
Your fear that still raises your wall

You're hypnotized
When greed keeps on leading your love

Still paralyzed
When you realize that this is not a Tv show

Let me be your touch on a hope
Come closer and see, your last time is gone

Your distance
Track Name: Without Colour
Without Colour

I hear your voice
A bullet in my ears

I' m running away
Escaping from this

I hear your voice
A bullet in my ears

You pulled the trigger
But don't even close dear

Your coloured image has turned to gray
I don't really care what you say

Your lies became a disease in my mind
But the answer is now in front of my eyes
Track Name: Mr. President
Mr. President

Where is my temple, God?
I need a place to pray for love

Why should I stay and hide?
Nothing will change without a chance

Tomorrow can't be denied
So now my religion's name is "Luck"

Let's try to make it bright
Darkness is more than black

Years put the days apart
And I fight to get some seconds back

What's your decision judge,
When putting the blame is a kind of art?

I'll pay for all your lies
Until the day I'll say it's enough

Mister you look so fine
That's not your chance, that's my alarm

I saw another victim
And you're asking for patience

I saw the hand that hit him
While you hate this violence

I saw another victim
I saw the hand that hit him
Track Name: The Hill
The Hill

I wanna see more peace
I wanna change my destiny

I'm small enough, but I'm on a hill
I know you can't distinguish me

My sunny sky looks like a deep blue sea
I see you lying before you speak

I won't let down my children's dreams
It' s all around when you don't blink

I wanna see more peace
I wanna change my destiny

I'm small enough, but I'm on a hill
I know you can't distinguish me

I have no sound from what you fake
I see the noise from far away

I'm on the top of a story
The bombs are dropped up on my page
Track Name: Ruins Behind
Ruins behind

Is this what I desire?
Many thoughts I deny

Put the feeling as guide
Bring the reason to light

Like a sparkle, so bright
Make love with the fire
Make it twice

Lot of poison inside
Medicines that will lie

I left ruins behind
Even if I was right

This gap looks like a knife
Who is able to cry?
Who is able to smile?

I am living in a big trap
Next to ghosts and killing flags
I am any empty inside
When I'm standing to the start
Track Name: Western Dream
Western Dream

In the middle of a western dream
There's a light that comes from the east